2024 Na Wahine O Ke Kai Canoe Race


Na Wahine O Ke Kai is a demanding outrigger canoe race that requires paddlers to undergo months of intensive physical and mental training. The race kicks off at the picturesque Hale O Lono on Molokai, symbolizing the beginning of a challenging 41-mile journey across the Kaiwi Channel to Waikiki on Oahu. The unpredictable ocean conditions and strong currents make this race one of the most formidable for women globally, testing the skills and endurance of participants. Safety is paramount, with stringent measures and experienced water safety crews ensuring the well-being of all paddlers. The event's professionalism is upheld by a team of skilled officials who oversee the race with precision, ensuring fairness and adherence to the highest standards of sportsmanship. Molokai's community plays a crucial role, welcoming the global canoe racing 'ohana with warm aloha at Hale O Lono and fostering a sense of community and camaraderie that goes beyond the competition, turning Na Wahine O Ke Kai into a cherished cultural exchange. The celebration crescendos at the finish line in Waikiki, where the accomplishment of crossing the Kaiwi Channel is met with joy, marking the culmination of a challenging and rewarding journey. This race honors our past while reaching forward to the future, embracing both cultural traditions and innovative approaches in the spirit of perpetuation and excellence.



Our Sponsors

OHCRA would like to thank all those who participate each year in the Na Wahine O Ke Kai race and it doesn't go without saying that this event would not be possible without the assistance of our generous sponsors. Each year, we rely upon these sponsors to continue to support the race and we also invite new sponsors to come on board.

If you would like to talk to us about sponsorship opportunities for this race - please Contact Us for more information.